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   Reports (2005-2006)

CanCore Guidelines for Accessibility Elements (Norm Friesen; March 27, 2006)

Connecting Collections: An overview of approaches (Norm Friesen; Feburary 16, 2006)

Building a better LOM? ISO Metadata for Learning Resources (Norm FriesenJanuary 26, 2006)

CanCore Pilot Project: Enhancing Metadata for Canadian Learning Resources (Norm Friesen; January 15, 2006)

Standardizing for Access - Interview with Jutta Treviranus (Norm Friesen, Jutta Treviranus; January 11, 2006)

Report - Learning Object Metadata Editors (Norm Friesen; December 12, 2005)

CanCore visits Seneca College - Interview (Norm Friesen, Dawn Mercer, Jennifer Peters-Lise; November 21, 2005:)

Interview - Robert Thivierge, eLSACC President (Robert Thivierge & Norm Friesen; November 10, 2005)

Collections Canada, ACCMD and Conference Call (Norm Friesen; September 7, 2005)

CanCore in 05-06 (Norm Friesen; August 23, 2005)

Standard de métadonnées en XML pour les objets d’apprentissage (Norm Friesen; May 23, 2005)

   Research Papers & Reports

International LOM Survey. During the past 2 years, CanCore has been leading an international effort to survey the use of LOM elements for the ISO/IEC subcommittee on "Information technology for Learning, Education and Training. This survey has considered leement use both in application profiles and metdata records themselves. The results of this survey effort are recorded in a number of documents:

CanCore and the eduSource project. EduSource: Canada’s Learning Object Repository Network. International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning. March, 2004.

E-learning Standardization: An Overview: A non-technical introduction to some of the e-learning standards and specifications under development, and some of the organizations behind them. APPEARING AS: Friesen, N. (2004 -submitted). Editorial - A Gentle Introduction to Technical E-learning Standards. Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology. 30 (3), Fall.

CanCore and Syntactic Interoperability: Find out about some of the "syntactic" or "technical interoperability" challenges presented by the LOM standard, and the position of CanCore on this important matter. From a paper published in Hillman, D. & Westbrooks, E. L. (eds.), Metadata in Practice. Chicago: ALA Editions. 2004. Pp. 104-116.

Semantic Interoperability and Communities of Practice (HTML format). Norm Friesen. February 1, 2002.

CanCore and SCORM Compared (HTML format), Norm Friesen. July 3, 2001.

Presentations (PowerPoint files)

  • Final Report on the "International LOM Survey." ISO/IEC JTC1/SC36 WG4. "Information Technologies for Learning, Education and Training; 'Infrastructure and Delivery' Working Group." Dublin, Ireland. September 12, 2004.
  • E-Learning Infrastructure and Standardization in Canada. Versions presented at:
    • E-Learning Metadata. National Library and Archives of Canada Canadian <Metadata> Forum, Ottawa. September 19, 2003.
    • the Advanced Learning Infrastructure Consortium, Tokyo Japan. November 27, 2003.
    • E-Learning Competency Centre. Singapore. December 3, 2004.
    • Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Bangi, Malaysia. December 4, 2003.
    • Learning Lab Lower Saxony. Hannover, Germany. February 6, 2004.
    • Access Copyrights Digital Rights Conference, Toronto. March 25, 2004.
  • IMS Specification Adoption in Canada. IMS Open Technical Forum, Vancouver, BC. February, 2003.
  • CanCore Metadata and the AD LIB Repository. Versions presented at:
    • Workshop for the Canadian Association for Distance Education 20th Anniversary Conference. June 8, 2003 St. John's NL.
    • eduSource Learning Object Workshop, Regina SK. May, 2003.
  • CanCore: an E-Learning Metadata Application Profile. (PowerPoint, 0.6 Mb) Norm Friesen. Presented at the Canadian National Library, November 20, 2002.
  • The CanCore Learning Resource Metadata Application Profile. Norm Friesen. Presented at the Teaching in Higher Education Forum, April, 2002.
  • CanCore: Metadata for Educational Object Repositories. Norm Friesen, Sue Fisher and Toni Roberts. Presented at the Global IMS E-Learning Specifications and Standards Symposium, August 2001.

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