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CanCore - Collections Canada, ACCMD and Conference Call

The purpose of this message is three-fold:
To invite your suggestions on specific Collections Canada resources that would be suitable for your LOM-based collections.
To keep you informed on CanCore’s ongoing work with metadata for accessibility.
To pass on a call for papers for ICSCORM 2006.

COLLECTIONS CANADA: As mentioned in our CanCore announcement of August 22 (http://www.cancore.ca/cancorein0506.html), we’re planning to pilot (test) the conversion of metadata for resources that are of likely of great value to LOM-based collections, but that currently are not described using LOM metadata. But we need your help and suggestions to select the most valuable resources. We are using the educational resources from the “Collections Canada” of Library and Archives Canada, which contains many useful resources of the highest quality, especially for K-12 contexts. Please have a look at this collection --especially those involved in K-12 repository projects-- and let us know what resources you would most like to add to your collection: http://www.collectionscanada.ca/education/008-100.01-e.php . Send your suggestions to norm_friesen@sfu.ca, or post them on the public CanCore forum (http://learningspaces.org/cancore/bboard/).

ACCESSIBILITY METADATA: CanCore has held the second of its monthly teleconferences (generously hosted online & in real time by Elluminate www.elluminate.com) dedicated to the development of guidelines for “accessibility elements” for Learning Object Metadata. We are making good progress, but as always, your questions and input are welcome! For the minutes from this latest meeting, see: http://www.cancore.ca/minutes_Aug30-05.html

ICSCORM 2006: Rory McGreal has asked us to pass on the call for papers inserted below for the international conference on SCORM coming up in Taiwan in January of 2006.


CanCore – Collections Canada, ACCMD et conférence téléphonique

Ce message a trois volets, notamment pour vous :
1) Inviter à faire des suggestions des ressources provenant de la Collection Canada, pouvant faire partie de votre propre collection basée sur le LOM.
2) Informer la communauté sur le progrès du travail sur les métadonnées, notamment sur l’accessibilité des objets d’apprentissage.
3) Appel à la rédaction des articles pour ICSCORM 2006.

COLLECTIONS CANADA: Comme mentionné dans notre lettre CanCore le 22 août (Français : http://www.cancore.ca/cancoreen0506.html ), nous planifions de faire des tests de conversion de métadonnées de ressources ayant une grande valeur pour les collections basées sur le LOM, mais qui ne sont présentement pas conforme au LOM. Par contre, nous avons besoin de votre aide et vos suggestions pour choisir les ressources les plus valables. Nous utilisons les ressources éducationnelles de la ‘Collection Canada’ de la Bibliothèque et les Archives du Canada, laquelle contient des ressources de bonne qualité, spécialement pour la maternelle, le primaire, secondaire ainsi que cégep. S’il vous plaît, parcourez cette collection --- surtout si vous êtes impliqué d’un développement d’une banque d’objets d’apprentissage d’un de ces niveaux d’enseignement --- et par la suite laissez nous savoir quelles ressources vous voudriez ajouter à votre collection: http://www.collectionscanada.ca/education/008-100.01-f.php

Envoyez vos suggestions à norm_friesen@sfu.ca, ou poster les sur le forum de CanCore (Français : http://learningspaces.org/cancore/liste/).

MÉTADONNÉES D’ACCESSIBILITE : Les membres de CanCore ont tenu une deuxième téléconférence (hébergement offert par Elluminate www.elluminate.com) dédié au développement des lignes directrices pour les éléments LOM concernant l’accessibilité. Nous progressons bien, mais comme toujours, vos questions et suggestions sont toujours appréciées ! Pour voir le compte rendu de la dernière rencontre, voir : http://www.cancore.ca/minutes_Aug30-05.html
ICSCORM 2006: Rory McGreal nous a demandé de vous faire parvenir l’appel à la rédaction d’articles (voir ci-dessous) pour la Conférence internationale sur SCORM, tenu à Taiwan en Janvier 2006.

Norm Friesen
SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow
School of Communication
Simon Fraser University
HC 3520 515 W. Hastings St.
Vancouver, BC, V6B 5K3
+1 604 535 6243


Dear all,

I am writing this letter to invite you, an expert in Distance Education, to submit papers to the 2006 International Conference on SCORM (ICSCORM 2006) (http://ia.nknu.edu.tw/scorm2006) to be held on Jan. 17~19, 2006. The due date of call for papers at ICSCORM 2006 has been extended to September 10th, 2005.
The conference covers theory, design and application of SCORM-related research issues. Aside from the regular presentations, the conference will include keynote addresses with speakers from both industry and academia.

Prospective authors are invited to propose papers in any of the following areas:
l Content Authoring and Converting
l Automatic Generation of Metadata
l Visualization of Content Aggregation and Sequencing
l Metrics of Learning Objects and Content Aggregations
l Game Technology for Distance Learning
l Modeling and Simulation in Distance Learning
l Question, Test, and Performance Assessment
l Intelligent Tutoring Based on Sequencing and Navigation
l Automatic Testing of Sequencing and Navigation
l Practical Usage and Examples of Sequencing and Navigation
l Experimental Design for Adaptive Learning
l Infrastructure and Design of Repository
l Discovery and Registration of Repository
l Searching and Reusing of Learning Objects
l Open Architecture for LMSs
l Mobile Technology for Distance Learning
l Collaborative Learning Systems

Please kindly send your papers to ICSCORM 2006. Also, it will be highly appreciated if you would like to distribute this message to any scholars who is interested in SCORM 2004 research.

Best regards,

David Yang, Program Co-Chair at ICSCORM 2006.