CanCore in 05-06

Through the support of Industry Canada's e-Learning Marketplace Strategy Group (of the Information Highway Applications Branch), CanCore will be tackling a number of new tasks and priorities over the next eight months.   Near the top of CanCore's list is the inclusion and support of metadata elements for equitable access to online and digital learning resources. The IMS AccessForAll Meta-data (ACC-Med) specification, in other words, will be integrated and explicated in CanCore's guidelines documentation for the LOM (Learning Object Metadata) standard.

Another important area of emphasis will be communication and collaboration with CanCore's partners and community.   As it has done before, CanCore will be releasing regular reports and information in both French and English, and will also now be providing recommendations and information on tools, protocols, and implementer experiences in both official languages.

CanCore will also pilot the conversion of a number of metadata records (currently in Dublin Core-based TBITS-39 format) into the CanCore/LOM format.   These records describe national digital resources that could represent valuable additions to existing LOM-based provincial repositories and other collections.

Also new for 05-06 is CanCore's institutional home.   CanCore is now based in Vancouver at the Simon Fraser University, hosted by the Applied Communication and Technology Lab of SFU's School of Communication.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments. And as before, the CanCore team is: