Chers Collèges,

Tel qu'’indiqué dans le message ci-dessous, le IEEE LTSC a complété le standard de métadonnées en XML pour les objets d’apprentissage.

Une version finale et gratuite de ce standard est disponible, en anglais seulement, au

As the messages below indicate, the IEEE LTSC has completed the standard for encoding Learning Object metadata in XML.

A free, final draft version of this standard is available at:"


Norm Friesen
Director, CanCore Initiative
SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow
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Simon Fraser University
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Please join me in congratulating all those who worked so long, hard
and diligently to develop and document the 1484.12.3 LOM XML Schema
Definition Language Binding. As per the Email below which we just
received from IEEE REVCOM, this is officially now the latest full IEEE
accredited standard from LTSC!!!

We should all feel immensely proud of what we have helped accomplish
with not only these accredited standards, but what they are enabling
to happen in the learning world overall. Of course we should also be
humbled by what lies ahead but equally emboldened by what we have
learned along the way and by what we can expect to achieve in the

More details and discussion on next steps for LOM and LTSC will be
provided next week at the LTSC meeting in Alexandria, Virginia so hope
that you will be able to attend or tune in.


Wayne Hodgins

Erik Duval,
Technical Editor

IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee (LTSC)
Learning Objects Metadata (LOM) P1484.12

IEEE Standard for Learning Object Metadata, IEEE-SA Standard 1484.12.1-2002,
IEEE Standard for Learning Technology - Extensible Markup Language
(XML) Schema Definition Language Binding for
Learning Object Metadata, IEEE-SA Standard 1484.12.3- 2005
IEEE Standards Department, Institute of Electrical and Electronics
Engineers, Inc.
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To: Wayne Hodgins
Subject: P1484.12.3 Approval Notification

11 May 2005

RE: NEW P1484.12.3/D6 (C/LTSC) Standard for Learning Technology -
Extensible Markup Language (XML) Schema Definition Language Binding for
Learning Object Metadata

Dear Wayne,

I am pleased to inform you that P1484.12.3 was approved as a new standard
by the IEEE-SA Standards Board on 10 May 2005. A copy of the document will
be forwarded to the Standards Publications Department. The editor assigned
to work on the project will contact you.

All IEEE standards shall be updated within five years of the date of
publication. If the standard is not revised, reaffirmed, or withdrawn
within five years, the sponsor will be notified that it will be submitted
to the Standards Board for administrative withdrawal.

It should be noted that any negative balloters have the right to appeal.
Please consult the following web pages for information on this principle:

Please contact me if you have any questions prior to speaking with your

David L. Ringle
Program Manager - Governance, Policy & Procedures
IEEE Standards Activities Department
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Toni Roberts. B.Sc., B.A., M.A., M.E.S.
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