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This site is the official home for documents, presentations and other resources related to the CanCore Learning Resource Metadata Initiative. CanCore enhances the ability of educators, researchers and students in Canada and around the world to search and locate material from online collections of educational resources. CanCore is based on and fully compatible with the IEEE Learning Object Metadata standard and the IMS Learning Resource Meta-data specification.

The CanCore Initiative is currently funded by the e-Learning Marketplace Strategy Group of Industry Canada's e-Learning Directorate and supported by TeleUniversite and Athabasca University.

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Robert Thivierge - PhotoThe e-Learning Standards Advisory Council of Canada; An Interview with Robert Thieverge

(NF) I'm talking with Robert Thivierge, who is the President of the E-Learning Standards Advisory Council of Canada. Robert, thanks for taking the time to speak with me.

(RT) You're welcome.

(NF) For starters, it would be great if you could give us a bit of background and information about the current status of eLSAAC.

(RT) Sure. Well, maybe first of all, I can tell you why we created eLSAAC ...>>[text version]

MP3 Podcast Version [11 Mb]

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